Wednesday, 28 November 2012

versus point,,,,,,

                                the hardest battle is when you're against yourself...
                                              a versus through and through
                                    by all the senses and meanings of the word.

                                 If you want to find solace and calm for the sore,
                                           the words will heal it straight away
                                                       Everything is fated.
                                   Only changed by God’s will, effort and do’a..

Monday, 26 November 2012

here it's "HLOVATE"


You wonder
Is it an angel or yet
Maybe a sweet dream that you can’t forget
So close yet far-fetched
Causing you to float on the line
between reality and fantasy

c/o Haunted the nightmares
Creates the ecstasy
Hlovate~oh poisonous honey
Love and hate
Driving me crazy

The poison ivy of Venus
Killing with venom so sweet
You’re losing your head
Don’t want it yet it keep haunting
Losing yourself in the suffocating mist

The blind arrows of
piercing cold ice and
warm melting heart
tearing me apart......

Monday, 19 November 2012


hi...tonight i wanna share my younger brother's favourite movie , crow zero....the actors in this movie are shun oguri , kyosuke yabe and meisa kuroki...this movie tells about the Suzuran Senior High School for Boys , nicknamed "The School of  Crows" , is the poorest achieving , most violent school in the country..the students are called "Crows" and they band together in factions , battling each other for influence and power..but they all share a common goal , one that has never been reached in the school's history : one faction has ever reigned supremed..Genji Takiya , a transfer student who attempt to take over Suzuran Boy High School and is mentored by old boy yakuza Katagiri as he faces off againts rival Serizawa.....